Training With a Partner for Rock Climbing

If you have a training partner at the gym, the possibilities for interesting training are limited only by your imagination. Strength, endurance, and balance can all be improved by training with your partner. Here are a few ideas:

  • Pick a route well within your abilities and do laps, each time eliminating a key hold.
  • Climb blindfolded, with your belayer giving verbal directions to each hold-this is really good for developing balance and learning body positioning.
  • Do “Simon Says” traverses, with your partner pointing out each hold-you will find yourself in some bizarre positions but do not worry, you can get even when it is your partner’s turn to traverse!
  • Have a competition to get “no hands” rests – you will be amazed at where you can drop your hands when you practice.
  • Have a dynamic move competition-warm up, do not use crimpers, and be careful not to risk injury while you build confidence.
  • Climb easy routes one-handed, with your partner calling out the handholds.
  • Climb a route using just side pulls, underclings, et cetera, with your partner calling out the handholds.
  • Climb a route making every move a highstep, or never using a handhold above your shoulder, et cetera, then have your partner try the route using the same hold sequence.

You get the idea; have fun, try new things, and make the gym a fun place to train!