Tips For Rock Climbing Clothes

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When choosing rock climbing clothes, there are a number of considerations to make. In this artcle, we are going to look some important features you shouldn’t ignore.


The weather is unpredictable. It might be warm in the morning, only for it to be chilly or rainy in the afternoon. It is advisable that you carry with you some extra rock climbing clothes just in case the weather changes.


The material in which the rock climbing clothes are made of matters a lot. Depending on the climbing surfaces that you will be scaling, you will find that you need a material that will resist tearing in abrasive surfaces. Cotton tee for instance is recommended for some of these rough surfaces. Multi-pitch climbers are on the other hand dissuaded from using cotton since you will be in different belay at different times as opposed to being in one place for extended period of time. The reason to avoid the cotton fabric is this is that you will tend to be wet since cotton absorbs sweat.

Starting up top

For any kind of climbing, you should dressing from the top in the sense you should wear what you are comfortable with .The upper part of the body is the ones that requires plenty room for movements. If a shirt is getting way in your hands’ movements, then you are better off without one.  Going shirtless in warm, fair weather may not be a bad idea after all. As for women, you would want to tank tops and bras as long as the weather allows.

Pants or shorts?

Sometimes you are caught between going for a pant and a short. Most climbers prefer shorts since they tend to be loose, hence allowing movements.

For rock climbing clothes, the indoor climbing should be relaxed since the environment is controlled.